Sikh Nation Beware of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS)!    

RSS stands for Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh. It is an anti-Sikh group started by Hindus. It has the support of both Congress and Bhajpa parties and its main goal is to absorb Sikhism into Hinduism. The Indian government is spending millions of rupees to destroy Sikhism and is publishing false literature about Sikhism. One of the main claims published in many wrong books on Sikhism is that Sikhism is a sect of Hinduism. They try to relate every Sikh principle to Hinduism and say that the Sikhs are Hindus. I'll try my best to give you the knowledge of RSS and clear the doubts RSS is putting into people's minds about Sikhism.  

        Most of you have probably heard about the Hindus' activities in Punjab. Accordingly, the RSS is the root for all the problems Punjab is facing right now and it has the support of two major parties, Congress and Bhajpa. Akali Dal can't do anything because Parkash (Hanerra or Dark) Badal is a servant to the Hindus. The only way to get Punjab out of the trap of Hindus and this terrible situation is to follow the teaching of Guru Granth Sahib and the principles of Sikhism that the Gurus set forth. 

    First lets look at the problems RSS has created for our Punjab: The first action of RSS is to destroy the power of Punjab and weaken it. To do this they are trying to drown the whole Punjab into drugs and alcohol. Mostly, they are targeting college students especially Sikhs. Most of the college students are drug addicts and alcoholics including many girls. So you can realize that there will not be any sign of education in future generations if young people become drug addicts. There are more bars in Punjab than public school and many more are opening everyday. 

        The RSS is moving Hindus to Punjab from other parts of the country, so that the Hindu population can increase. The theory is if there are more Hindus  than Sikhs in Punjab then in elections more people will claim Hindi as their first language instead of Punjabi, which means there will be more votes in the favor of Hindi . Hindi will be the first language of Punjab. There will be no Punjabi anymore and Punjab would become a Hindi State. No Punjabi means no Gurmukhi Script which means less people will learn Gurbani which means there will less Sikhs. Punjabi is the Sikhs' native tongue and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is written in Gurmukhi Lipi. Then no one would know how to read, write and speak Punjabi. They think that if Sikhs turn away from their religion then there will not be Sikhism alive and they only way to do that is change the character of Sikhs. If Sikhs start smoking, drinking and committing adultery then they will loose the power of Gurbani and they will turn away from the true principles of Sikhism. This is why RSS is distributing drugs in large amounts, opening bars and showing dirty films and songs on television.

    Hindus will occupy Punjab slowly. Already their population has increased by 12% in last ten years or so. They have all rights in Punjab. We must do something to stop those Hindus coming into Punjab and buying the land. Sikhs can't buy land in other states of India, can't vote and nor can they own a business whereas Hindus coming in Punjab have right to vote and can buy the land for farming. This way there will be more Hindu farmers in Punjab than Sikhs and the crops will only be given to Hindus not Sikhs. Sikhs will starve to death. So Sikhs should stop the Hindus. But if Sikhs just kick them out then they will turn against Sikhs and government will do the same thing that happened in 1984. If they stay in Punjab then they will support the Congress which they already do and  Congress is responsible for killing more than 300,000 Sikhs in the past 17 years and putting 60,000 Sikhs in jails without any charge or trail.

The water that belongs to Punjab is being given to other states for free so that Sikhs won't get enough water for their own land and there won't be any crops. One drastic set back of this is lowered crops yields which leads to Sikhs not being able to pay their loans back and always being under debt since their land cannot be cultivated without water. Sikh farmers hire Hindus to work in their farms because their children don’t work for them. Hindus say it is because young Sikhs don’t want to work but they are lying. The truth is that the Sikhs know that even if they work hard in the farms, they won’t get enough money for their crops. Sikhs are not paid the full price for their crops and commit suicide because they can’t pay their loans back. This is first time in history that Sikhs are committing suicide and it is all because of RSS and Indian government.

        The whole point to weakening Punjab is that if by any chance Sikhs free their Punjab, there won't be anything left and Sikhs will end up with a poor country. The Indian government has already divided Punjab into four parts Haryana, Himachal Pardesh, Punjab and the fourth part is given to Rajisthan so that Sikhs are left with a very small area to live in, which is stuck on the border of Pakistan. Thus the RSS is trying really hard to destroy Sikhism. 

All the psuedo saints and false living Gurus like Radha Swami, Nirankaris, Noormahals, Saccha Sodda are agents of RSS. The RSS has setup this network to mislead Sikhs and they are given billion of rupees every year to continue their mission. Now the RSS has started sending these false people to outside countries too, so be aware of them. RSS has also taken education under their control and they are publishing schoolbooks, which include false information about Sikhism. If students in schools don't learn about Sikhism then there won't be any Sikh. So the RSS is teaching young children that Sikhism is a sect of Hinduism. Competitions are being held on Sikhism but the books provided for students include all the false information about Sikhism. The RSS is publishing the Sikh history books, which state that Sikh Gurus lived their lives as Hindus and they have done everything with the help of Hindus. People don't have the understanding about Sikhism and they have a lot of doubts in their minds because of RSS. The RSS is at its most basic taking advantage of people's ignorance.

So I'll try to clear those doubts. RSS is attacking Sikhism with many questions but I'll try to answer most of them. I do not say that my answers are completely correct and that I know everything about Sikhism, but I do learn everyday and I do have some knowledge. SO if you see any mistakes please let me know. Answering all of the questions will take a lot of time but the best way to stop RSS is that every one of you learn about Sikhism and understand it. This is a way the RSS can't do anything. Here are some of the RSS questions: 

1) RSS says that Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a Hindu because he was born in a Hindu family?

    First  of all, we all should know that Guru Nanak Dev Ji never accepted any principal of Hinduism nor Islam. Just because He was born in a Hindu family doesn't mean that he was a Hindu. Your character makes you a person. If you are born in a Hindu family but you have never done anything like a Hindu and you oppose Hinduism then you wouldn't be a Hindu. Hindu is he who follows what Hinduism says such as worshipping stones etc. Guru Nanak Ji never ever worshipped stones. This is just one example. Guru Ji always worshipped one almighty God. Guru Ji rejected the idea of wearing Janju (piece of thread) at young age and later didn't take any rounds around the fire when He married Mata Sulakhni Ji. Guru Ji started a new religion, Sikhism, and preached the message of One God. Bhai Gurdas Ji says:

“Maareya Sikka Jagat Vich, Nanak Nirmal Panth Chalaeya”

Which means Guru Nanak Ji started a new religion. Guru Ji taught Sikhs to believe in one God. Whatever Guru Nanak Ji taught He practiced it first. He did everything first then taught Sikhs to do it in essence practicing what he preached. Guru Ji said, "There is no Hindu, no Muslim" meaning that no one is born Hindu nor a Muslim because what one does makes him Hindu or Muslim. Worshipping stones and believing in more than one God makes you a Hindu; fasting and following what Quran says makes you a Muslim. How can you be a Muslim if you don’t fast, believe in Quran and pray five times a day. How can you be a Hindu if you don’t wear Janju, worship 330 million Gods and believe in castes? Guru Ji taught equality and gave equal rights to women. So this is one of the idiotic questions of RSS. They are foolish. This is what Gurbani says about Hinduism.

"The Hindu is sightless; the Muslim has only one eye. The spiritual teacher is wiser than both of them." (Page 875)
"I do not make pilgrimages to Mecca, nor do I worship at Hindu sacred shrines. I serve the One Lord, and not any other." (Page 1136)
"I do not perform Hindu worship services, nor do I offer the Muslim prayers. I do not perform Hindu worship services, nor do I offer the Muslim prayers." (Page 1136)
"I am not a Hindu, nor am I a Muslim." (Page 1136)
"I have abandoned both the Pandits, the Hindu religious scholars, and the Mullahs, the Muslim priests." (Page 1159)

2) The RSS is saying that Guru Gobind Singh Ji worshipped Kali Devi on Hemkunt Parbat where Guru Ji meditated for a long time?

The truth is that Guru Ji never ever worshipped any idols of Hinduism. Guru Ji always worshipped one God and taught Sikhs to do the same. RSS is not using Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s lines accurately. RSS is saying this:

“Mahan Kaal Kalka Aaradhi”

Kalka is name of Hindu Goddess Kali Devi but Guru Ji never said anything like this. Guru Ji’s original lines are these:

“Mahan Kaal, Kaal Ka Aaradhi”

Which means that Guru Ji worshipped the greatest of great power, which is death of death meaning God. God is the death of death. Mahan Kaal means “Death” and Kaal Ka means “Of Death” and Aaradhi means “Worshipped”. So Guru Ji worshipped the death of death, which is the almighty power of one God. If we read the next lines we find that Guru Ji truly worshipped One God. The next lines say this:

“Eh Bidh Karat Tapaseya Bhaeyo, Dve Te Eek Roop Hve Gaeyo”

Guru Ji is saying that “By meditating upon God’s name I became one with God like a glass of water in a big ocean. I am encompassed in his glory” Guru Gobind Singh Ji also said:

"I do not accept Ganesha as important. I do not meditate on Krishna, neither on Vishnu. I do not hear them and do not recognize them. My love is with the Lotus feet of God. He is my protector, the Supreme Lord. I am dust of his Lotus feet." (Guru Gobind Singh,)

This clearly proves that Guru Ji worshipped One God and the only way to worship God is to meditate upon His true name. RSS is changing these lines and trying to convince Sikhs that they are part of Hinduism. All of their Gods are represented as idols and images. This is what Gurbani says about Hindus worshipping stones:

"The blind ignorant ones stray in doubt and so deluded, deluded they pluck flowers for worship. They worship the lifeless stones and adore tombs. Their service all goes in vain." (Page 1264)


"They who say the stone is a god; in vain is their service. He who falls at the feet of the stone; vain goes his labor. My Lord ever speaks. The Lord gives gifts to all the living beings. The Lord is within, but the blind one knows not. Deluded by doubt, he is caught in a noose. The stone speaks not, nor gives anything. In vain are the ceremonies of the idolater, and fruitless his service." (Page 1160)

“Why worship gods and goddesses, O Siblings of Destiny? What can we ask of them? What can they give us? The stone gods are washed with water, O Siblings of Destiny, but they just sink in the water.” (Page 637)

“You worship gods and goddesses, but you do not know the Supreme Lord God. Says Kabeer, you have not remembered the Lord who has no ancestors; you are clinging to your corrupt ways.” (Page 332)

 3) RSS says that Guru Gobind Singh Ji is incarnation of Krishna?

From the last question you have learned that Guru Ji only worshipped one God and He never ever mentioned being Krishna or anything even close to that in His biography. Guru Ji never believed in Krishna. Guru Ji says:

"I do not accept Ganesha as important. I do not meditate on Krishna, neither on Vishnu. I do not hear them and do not recognize them. My love is with the Lotus feet of God. He is my protector, the Supreme Lord. I am dust of his Lotus feet." (Guru Gobind Singh,)

This means Guru Ji was not incarnation of Krishna. Now lets look at what Krishna did during his lifetime. Was he really a God?

In Bhagvat Purana chapter 10, section 22 says that once Krishna saw women taking bath in the river. So he went there and stole their clothes and made them come outside naked to get their clothes. When they did he forced them to mate with him. What kind of God would do that? Is this the kind of love God gives to his children? In the same chapter section 60 says that Krishna had 16,108 wives and Radha was not one of them. Each wife gave birth to 10 sons and one daughter means that Krishna had 161,080 sons and 16,108 daughters. So all together he had 177188 children. This shows how lustful Krishna was and RSS is trying to compare him with the greatest of all, Guru Gobind Singh Ji?

God is not lustful at all. Guru Ji has taught us to overcome the five thieves including Lust, Anger, Greed, Emotional Attachment and Pride (Egotism). If Guru Ji were incarnation of Krishna, Guru Ji would have never taught us this concept. If we learn the message of the Gurus then we can understand that the Guru Ji were never incarnation of anyone. Guru Ji was one with God and showed us the same path He followed. Dhan Guru Nanak Ji. Gurbani says:

"In the Jujar Veda, Kaan Krishna of the Yaadva tribe seduced Chandraavali by force." (Page 470)
"Even Krishna and Balbhadar meditated on the Lord, falling at the Guru's Feet." (Page 165)

4) RSS says that Guru Gobind Singh Ji is praying Hindu God Shiva in Sikh Religious/National Anthem?

This is totally false. Gurbani is full of quotes that teach us to worship and pray only to ONE God. Guru Ji said He never recognized any Ganesha and Krishna. If Guru Ji doesn't recognize Ganesha, then He doesn't recognize Shiva either simply because they don't exist. In the Hindu religion Ganesha is worshipped before Shiva and has higher authority than Shiva. Guru Ji is praying to one God. Sikhism accepts all names of God. Shiva is one of those names just as "Allah" or "God" but God is referred to mainly as "Waheguru" in Sikhism. Sikhism never accepted any power other than one almighty God and this refers to that God not the Hindu deity. Guru Ji never referred it to the Hindu Shiva because how could Guru Ji pray to someone who killed an innocent boy of a farmer? Shiva couldn't even recognize his own son and killed him out of anger. Guru Ji taught us to overcome five thieves and anger is one of them. Therefore, God is referred to as Shiva but this doesn't mean Shiva (the God of Hindus). God has many names and this is the proof but God doesn't have any shape. So God is not Hindu God Shiva. Guru Ji is praying to God "Waheguru". In regard to the Hindu God "Shiva" Guru Ji says:

"The realm of Shiva, the realms of Brahma and Indra as well - no place anywhere is permanent." (Page 214)
"The Realm of Shiva shall also perish." (Page 237)
"Even Shiva and Brahma are afraid of this pleasure, but I have judged that pleasure to be true. Even sages like Sanak and Naarad, and the thousand-headed serpent, did not see the mind within the body." (Page 330)
"My breath of life resides in Him, whose praises are sung by Shiva and Sanak and so many others." (Page 339)
"No one is more powerful than the she-serpent Maya, who deceived even Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva." (Page 480)
"That man who chants "Shiva, Shiva", and meditates on him, is riding on a bull, shaking a tambourine."  (Page 874)

5) RSS says that Guru Gobind Singh Ji worshipped a Hindu Goddess (Devi)?

Again, one of the stupid questions. I have stated so many times that there is only one God in Sikhism who has no shape. There is no other power than that of God. Then what's the point of this Goddess again. Hinduism is a caste religion. Women have no rights in Hinduism. During the time of Guru Nanak, women were considered more inferior than the lowest person. Then how did they start worshipping this Goddess? What is the history behind it? No one knows who founded Hinduism not even Hindus. I ask them who founded Hinduism and how did female shapes as goddess enter Hinduism? Hindus worship stones in the shape of gods and goddess. Gurbani says:

"One who worships the Great Goddess Maya will be reincarnated as a woman, and not a man." (Page 874)
"Why worship gods and goddesses, O Siblings of Destiny? What can we ask of them? What can they give us? The stone gods are washed with water, O Siblings of Destiny, but they just sink in the water." (Page 637)

If those stones sink in the water then how can they take you across the ocean life of  and they do get dirty. If they are dirty then how can they clean your mind? The reason RSS says stupid things like these is because there is a story behind it but RSS changed it to suit their own needs. The story is something like this. Two Brahmins came to Guru Gobind Singh Ji and claimed that Devi (goddess) can be revealed or manifested by performing Hindu rituals and once she appears she will give great power to his follower. Guru Ji knew this was all false and blindly followed by Hindus. But Guru Ji wanted His Sikhs to see the reality. So He gave permission to Brahmins to start the rituals and money was spent by millions and given to Brahmins. After couple of years passed, nothing happened and Guru Ji asked Brahmins the reason for this. They said that goddess was not happy and she wanted a sacrifice of a noble man. Brahmins were actually pointing at Baba Ajit Singh Ji. But Guru Ji said, "Who is more noble than you, Brahmin." Hearing this Brahmins said, "Then who will perform the ritual." Guru Ji said, "One of you sacrifice and other one continue the ritual." Brahmins were shocked to hear this and before next morning they both ran away. Guru Ji taught His Sikhs to believe in one God always and never follow ritualism. Then Guru Ji put rest of the stuff in the fire and there high flames. Guru Ji then took His sword and said, "My this sword as goddess will kill the cruels and fight the oppression. My sword is my power." And the RSS is saying goddess really appeared. If goddess can really appear then why don't they reveal her and tell her to fix the economy of India and make it the richest country? Why couldn't they save their women from Muslims? Why couldn't they fight Muslims and British? Why did they have to beg Sikhs to save their religion? They have no answers. 

6) RSS says that Guru Gobind Singh Ji created Khalsa by the help of Brahmin Kali Charan Das?

RSS has its own fairy tales. RSS says that there was very dark time during Moughal sovereignty. Muslims were killing Hindus and forcibly converting them to Islam. Pandit Kali Das advised Guru Gobind Singh Ji that the only way to stop this oppression was to create an army that would fight Muslims. Then he told Guru Gobind Singh Ji to create an army step by step which is Khalsa. But my question is if Hindus already knew that an army should be created then why didn't they create it themselves? Why couldn't they save themselves? Creator is always greater than his creation. Then why couldn't just Kali Das save his community? Why did he want Guru Gobind Singh Ji to do it? The answer is, there was no Kali Charan Das who advised Guru Ji. Guru Gobind Singh Ji have said:

"Khalsa Akaal Purakh Ki Fauj, Paragteo Khalsa Parmatam Ki Mauj" (Guru Gobind Singh Ji)

This clearly means that Khalsa appeared by the will of God. God wanted an army of his own full of good characters that could fight oppression and cruel rulers of that time, an army that could fight for truth and Khalsa did fight for truth and right cause. Khalsa has always fought for truth and will. 

7) RSS says that Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born to protect Hindu religion and therefore Khalsa was created and now since Hindu religion is safe, Sikhs should return back to their old religion Hinduism?

Another lie of RSS again. Guru Ji states the purpose of His birth in His own words:

"For this purpose was I born,
Understand all you pious people,
To uphold righteousness, to protect the worthy and                                                  
To overcome and destroy evildoers." (Guru Gobind Singh, Bachittar Natak) 

Guru Ji came to this world to preach the true message. Khalsa was not created to protect Hinduism. Khalsa was created to fight for truth and protect all who are victim to injustice. During that time Muslims rulers were cruel and Khalsa fought them to save helpless Hindus. Then Khalsa fought British and freed the country. In 1984 Khalsa fought Indian army and the war is still on. It is not over yet. Khalsa shall win and India will fall apart. 

    Why should Sikhs become Hindus since we are not from Hindus? I am the second generation in Sikhism and I know I am not from Hindus. It is Sikhs who saved Hinduism then why don't Hindus become Sikhs? Hindus couldn't save themselves and what is the guarantee they will in future? Shouldn't they join the religion that saved them? If Hindus can save themselves then why don't they fight Pakistan? How come 98% of people in the Indian army are Sikhs and these Sikhs always fight Pakistan whether war is in Punjab, Bangladesh, Nepal or Kashmir? The truth is Hindus can't fight. They are scared and have no guts to fight. Muslims used to capture Hindu women and take them back to Afghanistan to sell them. It was Sikhs who fought and saved them. Where were Hindus then? Why couldn't they save their women? They say Khalsa was created to save Hinduism but Hinduism was in real danger during the time of ninth Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. Why did Kashmiri Pandits come to Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji for help? Had Guru Ji not helped them, Hinduism would not have survived. Guru Ji sacrificed in 1675 to save Hinduism. This proves that even before Khalsa Hinduism was in danger and only Sikhs saved them. 

    In 1947 India became a free country but Hindus enjoyed freedom after 1200 years. They had always been under rule of some other powers. Hindus became free because of Sikhs. 93% of the people who sacrificed to free India were Sikhs and the remaining 7% were Hindus, Muslims, Dalits and others. When did Hindus save themselves? If they can save themselves then they should free their Mandirs from Muslims' control in India. Many cows are slaughtered in U.P. everyday by Muslims. Many statues are still in the floor of Muslim Mosques. Why don't Hindus get them out? Those statues been there from the time of Aurangzeb. About 90% of Muslims in India were Hindus who were forcibly converted by Aurangzeb and almost all Muslims in Kashmir are from Hindu background. Why don't Hindus go tell them to convert? Hindus have killed many Christians in south India and raped nuns. This is how Hindus show their bravery by raping women? All I want to say is that IF they want to save India then they should save Punjab otherwise India shall fall apart.

8) RSS says in Guru Granth Sahib God's name "Waheguru is mentioned only 17 times whereas God's name "Raam" is mentioned some couple hundred times which means "Raam" is given more significance by the Gurus and Gurus accepted Rama as a God?

This is 100% false comment. There is mention of God's name Raam in Guru Granth Sahib as well as Brahm, Waheguru, Sahib and others but they directly imply to God not any person. God's name "Raam" in Gurbani is not as same as Hindu Lord "Rama". First lets look at Hindu lord Rama and his life. Gurus never accepted him as a God because he was a human being. Before he was born there existed God's name "Raam". There was a saint named Valmick who used to be a thief and one day he met a group of saints and he requested them to lead him on the right path so those saints told him to repeat God's name and that name was "Raam". According to Hinduism it was Valmick who wrote "Ramayana" 10,000 years before Rama was born. This means there was God's name as Raam even before Hindu lord Rama was born. God's name was Raam and when Rama was born his father named him after God's name. In Sikhism God's name revealed by Gurus is "Waheguru". So if you name your son "Waheguru Singh" this doesn't make him God at all. He stays a human being. So this is what happened. 

    Furthermore, according to Hindus when Rama was exiled, he shot a king named Bali from behind and killed him. What a coward? What kind of bravery is that? Why would God attack someone from behind? Well, God wouldn't, which means Rama wasn't God. This was a complete betrayal by Rama in the battle field. No wonder where Hindus got it from. Then Rama starts fighting with Ravana to get his wife back but when his brother Lacchman passed out, he started crying and told Hanuman that if his brother dies he will die with him by committing suicide. The truth is NO brave man ever cries in the battle field. This shows that Rama lost himself in the battle field which shows weakness of mind and heart. So, after he got his wife back he returned to his kingdom and started ruling. One day he listened to a washer man talking to his wife about Rama. The washer man was saying that Rama's wife was kidnapped and stayed with kidnapper for a year and therefore she became impure. On hearing this Rama quickly went back to his palace and kicked out his wife out of his kingdom while she was pregnant with his baby. Now let me ask you, Is this what God does?? The answer is NO. This clearly proves that he was not a God rather just a simple human being who wasn't smart enough. He fought for his wife for a year and then suddenly listening to some washer man he kicked her out when she was pregnant. He didn't even trust his wife. Gurbani says:


Raam Chand passed away, as did Raawan, even though he had lots of relatives. Says Nanak, nothing lasts forever; the world is like a dream. (Page 1429)

This shows that Gurus considered Rama and Rawana as regular humans. Gurus saw them both as one. So this means Hindu lord Rama is not God. God's name "Raam" in Guru Granth Sahib does not refer to Hinduism because this name existed thousands years before Hindu lord Rama was born. God's name is Waheguru in Sikhism as it is "God" in English. 

    At last, we all as Sikhs should not believe in what Hindu propaganda says. We should follow Guru Granth Sahib's teaching and believe in one God. I have tried to answer most of the questions and will keep updating them but if I find more questions I will try to answer them as soon as possible. 


Dear Khalsa Ji,                                                                                                                          

The recent onslaught by the Hindu fundamentalist organisation RSS on the Sikh Religion and its existence, is nothing new but only an overt expression of its real motives. RSS chief’s statement that Sikhs are Hindus is yet another insult and attack on the identity of the Sikh Nation and Sikh Religion, which is as worse as the Indian Army's attack on Akal Takhat in 1984. This statement by the radical Hindu leader, an enemy of the minorities in India (a conglomeration of Nations) cannot be ignored and must be heeded as a warning sign, by the Sikhs and other minorities (Muslims, Christians, Dalits and others) as an attack on their very existence. This attack is a dangerous pythonean tactic, against which, we must unite. If not fought against, it will strangulate subtly but surely. Look at the example of Budhism, which started in India but failed to exist in India, today. Why? The answer is simple. The Budh Religion ignored the warning signs and by inadvertently accepting Shankracharya (a Brahmin disguised as a Buddhist scholar, like a wolf in sheep's clothing) as one of their own and allowed him to destroy its very roots, from within. 

Remember, it is the same RSS who distributed sweets in the streets of Amritsar when Golden Temple was attacked in 1984, while the real Sikhs were mourning the destruction of Akal Takhat, all over the world. And it is the same RSS who have been campaigning against the rights of Sikhs (Punjabi Suba) for decades. It is the same RSS who call Sikhs to be their brothers on one end and terrorists, on the other. It is the same RSS and Sangh Parivar who disowned Punjabi, because it was not their mother tongue. Does a true son or brother disown his mother tongue? Are we going to make the same blunder and follow the same self destructive and treacherous path, as followed by others? The answer is NO.

So, what are we going to do? The answer is simple. Protect your religion and identity against this mortal attack and this sugar coated poison pill being administered by RSS. Wish every Hindu and others well, but firmly establish your own identity and become an Amritdhari Sikh. Make your children Gursikhs and educate them about their religion, their history and the recent massacre and genocide of the Sikhs by the tyrant Indian Government. Send letters, e-mails and other forms of communication to RSS's leaders and let them know that this defamation against the Sikh Nation and religion will not be tolerated and punished. Condemn all Hindu practices which you spot or notice in the Sikh religion, including the Jaat Paat (Vern Ashram practices) or naming of Sikh Gurdwaras after the personalities or baradris. At the ecumenical note, wish every Hindu to be firm in his beliefs and religious practices. Embrace downtrodden or the so called untouchables with love and as equals if any of them wants to embrace the path of the Guru and become Sikhs. Pursue every clean shaven Sikh, with love and affection, to restore his forsaken identity, by keeping unshorn hair, turban and by following the path of the Guru.

In the final analysis why every Sikh must protect his identity and fight this attack by the intolerant, hateful and communal Hindu organisation called RSS. Here is a sampler of RSS's underlying agenda and curriculum: 

In his book, 'We or Our Nationhood Defined’, R.S.S. Chief, M.S. Golwalkar, defining Hindutva, quoted in the Indian Express of December 7, 1991, that the "Hindu nation is one where all those not belonging to the nation i.e. Hindu race, religion, culture and language, naturally fall out of the pale of real national life. The foreign races in Hindustan must either adopt Hindu culture and language, must 1earn to respect and hold in reverence the Hindu religion, must entertain no idea except the glorification of the Hindu religion and culture, i.e. the Hindu nation and must lose their separate existence to merge in the Hindu race or they may stay in the country wholly subordinate to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment of even citizens rights." This is the definition of a nation based on 'Hindutva'. The theoretical and intellectual exercises of their leaders and the practical slogans given to their followers brought out the diabolical nature of their campaign. The slogans given at the grass roots and the poisonous communal propaganda had already created a deep sense of insecurity among the minorities. 

- from the book- India Commits Suicide.

Now, you know enough to take the right action. Remember the words from the Jewish book of Torah " Believe in God, love all but keep your powder dry". Let the divine word of the Sikh Gurus guide you to fight this despicable and malicious propaganda by RSS. Let RSS know that Chanakyaniti is not going to work this time. The RSS are also trying to get the Guru Granth Sahib installed in Hindu Temples, this can't and MUST not take place. Sikh ragi's and Granthi's have also been approached to perform kirtan in these Hindu temples, these types of practices MUST be stopped from developing. Finally, it is a friendly reminder to RSS from the Khalsa Panth to back off. I appeal to every Sikh to work hard and study their religion and become a Gursikh.



A group consisting of Sardar Harbhajan Singh Setia and 14 other Sikh devotees from Delhi returned last March after a visit to Gurdwara Guru Dongmar in North Sikkim. They have reported that the religious sanctity of the historic Sikh Gurdwara constructed to commemorate Guru Nanak?s visit has been changed to a Sarva Dharma Mandir and idols have been placed inside the sanctum sanctorum along with Guru Granth Sahib installed in 1987. Idol worship is against the tenets of Sikhism as Guru Nanak himself preached against idol worship. This is serious attempt by the RSS oriented Military officials to convert Sikh religious places to their faith.

This, in fact, is not the first time that an attempt has been made to change the religious sanctity of the place. In 1990, a temple was constructed close to the Gurdwara and Buddhist flags were also unfurled to negate the Sikh historicity of the place. The temple
and the Buddhist constructions were, however, removed in the same year, on objections from the Sikhs (mainly Army) present in the area.

In 1998, a group of Sikh devotees visited Sikkim and reported that an order had gone from Army authorities for demolition of the Gurdwara, and no one was allowed
to visit the area. On receipt of this report, S. Gurcharan Singh Tohra, the then President SGPC, Amritsar, immediately contacted the Defence Minister, George Fernedez, and got an assurance that, ?the Gurdwara will not be touched.? News items giving these details appeared in The Tribune and other dailies in Punjab.

Sardar Harbhajan Singh Setia who, along with his group, has been a regular visitor to the place since last five years, in 1999 when requested for permission to visit the place, was denied permission to visit the same. With a lot of effort he was able to get the required permission from Army authorities, as well as Sikkim Governement, this year when he left in August after a sudden permission. S. Darshan Singh, a member of the group recalled: "Permission to visit a Historical Gurdwara (like Guru Dongmar) within India had been proving more difficult than visiting Sikh Gurdwaras in Pakistan." This group has been finding a great difficulty in visiting Menchukha Gurdwara in Arunachal Pradesh, another historical place where Guru Nanak had meditated for some time.

Guru Dongmar is a lake at a height of 18,000 feet alongside a glacial peak known by the same name. The lake remains frozen most of the year due to heavy snowfall for almost six months each year. Guru Nanak visited the place during his third udasi in order to solace the Karma-pa Nying-ma-pa sects then being hounded out from Tibet by the Ge-lug-pa Sect. Many from the Karma-pa Nying-ma-pa sect were the followers of Guru Nanak as their Head Lamas became Guru Nanak?s followers in Kailash Mansarovar area after being impressed by Guru Nana?s discussions with the famous Siddhas of the age. These sects had fled from Tibet to the Himalayan belt of Northern India, which included Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttra-Khand, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh.

Records show that during his itinerary to Himalayas and the Far East, including China, Guru Nanak visited all these states around 1516 AD This itinerary is found
recorded in Janam Sakhee Bhai Bala; Janam Sakhee Walait Wali; Janam Sakhee Meharban; Janam Sakhee B-40; Suchak Parsang by Bhai Behlo; Mahima Parkash by Baba Sarup Chand; Parchian Sewa Das; Nanak Prakash by Bhai Santokh Singh; Nanak Parkash, Twarikh Guru Khalsa and Gurdham Prakash by Gyani Gian Singh; Guru Khalsa Twareekh by Giani Lal Singh Sangrur; Jeevan Charit Guru Nanak Dev ji by Dr. Trilochan Singh; Travels of Guru Nanak by Dr. Surinder Singh Kohli; Atlas of Travels of Guru Nanak by Dr Fauja Singh and Kirpal Singh; Guru Nanak?s Travels to Himalayan and East Asian Region by Dr. Dalvinder Singh Grewal (this writer), and a host of other researchers. ?Though Janamsakhees and other contemporary material are vague about the names of the places, yet they are specific about ?Al-Lachen? and ?Bhutant Des?, which are specially mentioned in these Janamsakhees.

The local people of the area and Lamas of Karma-pa Nying-ma-pa Sect confirm Guru Nanak?s visit to these areas. The Lamas from these areas have been visiting Golden Temple, Amritsar, regularly to pay obeisance to their beloved Guru Rimpoche, Guru Nanak, also known as Nanak Lama in their areas. Guru Nanak?s footprints, a robe and a water-carrying utensil (kamandal) are preserved in Lachen Gompha, Sikkim, commemorating his visit to the place.

After his visit to Kailash-Mansarovar, Guru Nanak returned along Kali River and went to Nepal, where an ancient Gurdwara at Kathmandu, on the bank of river Bishnumati commemorates his visit. Visiting various religious places in Nepal, he crossed over to Tibet through Nanak-la pass and reached Sakya monastery. The earlier king of Tibet from Karma-pa Sect was, by then, deposed by the Ge-lug-pa sect but was still holding on to this monastery. Guru Nanak helped Trasung Deochung reconstruct this monastery. Trasung Deochung honoured him with a robe that is preserved in Lachen Gompha.

From Tibet, Guru Nanak entered Sikkim through Chhorten-Nyi-ma-la. Passing through Dolma Sampa and Tongpen, he entered Muguthang valley where he visited Kedang, Bendu, Sherang, Lyingka, Muguthang. He went through Naku la and Lawu Gompha and reached plateau area around Guru Dongmar.

Guru Dongmar is at a height of around 18,000 feet. In this plateau the yak graziers approached Guru Nanak with a request, that: "they do not find water in winter as it gets frozen all over, temperature falling down to minus 35 degrees." The Guru (Guru Nanak) hit the perpetually snow-covered Guru Dongmar lake with his stick to provide water to the graziers. The ice melted giving way to crystal clear water. Since then the water of the lake is stated to have never been frozen. The lake and the hill feature atop came to be known as Gurudongmar lake and hill respectively. The same names are found recorded in the ancient maps prepared by the British in nineteenth century.

Some graziers projected another problem to Guru Nanak. Due to the effect of altitude, their virility was affected. They requested the Guru to do something about it. Guru Nanak blessed the lake, saying," whosoever takes the water of this lake will gain virility and strength and will be blessed with children." The people of the area have firm faith in Guru?s words and consider the water of the lake as nectar. A gurdwara was constructed in eighties to commemorate Guru Nanak?s visit to the place. We used to trek to Gurudongmar then, after travelling from Chungthang on foot, covering the distance in six days.

The Gurdwara was constructed after full inquiries from head lamas of Buddhist monitories (gomphas) at Fudong, Chungthang, Lachen, Lachung and Thangu and all the local people, and with their active help.

From Gurudongmar, Guru Nanak went to Thangu, Lachen, Chungthang, Lachung, Yumthang and Pyakochin. At Chungthang a gurdwara, a tree grown out of Guru?s
stick, footprints of the Guru, a spring, and the rice-fields blessed by Guru Nanak commemorate Guru Nanak?s visit. At Pyakochin, an engraving on stone, in Gurmukhi script, was earlier preserved to commemorate the visit of Guru Nanak. From Pyakochin the Guru is
stated to have crossed over to Chumbi Valley through Ghora-la, en-route to Bhutan.

This author cross-checked the above details given by various lamas from over 50 elderly people of the area. Lachen lama even promised to show the old records preserved with him that had an account of Guru Nanak?s visit to the area. Staying as an Observation Post Officer at the height adjoining the lake, for over three months in 1987 and later in other areas adjoining, the author oversaw the development of the Gurdwara. People from all religions thronged the lake and the Buddhists had their regular fair on the lake. They always paid obeisance at the gurdwara with reverence. There was no question of any ill will. A Hindu temple was constructed in 1989 touching the gurdwara, but was removed soon after mutual consultations. Thereafter everything remained cordial till 1994, as regularly watched by this author, who was operative in Sikkim and remained in touch with the gurdwara till then. Later too, groups of Sikh pilgrims inspired by this author kept on visiting the gurdwara yearly without caring for the great har

dships they had to face during the travel. They had all the goodwill of the local people and have sweet remembrance of their treatment.

Problem, however, started cropping up only after 1998. The Sikkim Government and the Army, who refused the visit by the pilgrims to the place, best know reasons, as in the telegram and the letter refusing permission to the Sikh pilgrims to visit Gurudongmar, they gave no reasons! Now the sudden changes in the cultural traits of the gurdwara smacks of ill intentions of some people at the helm of affairs, playing games with the faith of the people.

Things can be set right by restoring the original sanctity of the place, and by taking action against the wrongdoers. It must be remembered that feelings of millions of e Sikhs the world over are hurt by this ill-advised action on the part of Sikkim government, or Military authorities; whosoever is involved in this act. To my mind some local people might have been incited by some vested interests against gurdwara Gurudongmar, and in the garb of protection of the gurdwara, they changed the sanctity of the place.

In view of the above, it is recommended that:

a) The sanctity of the place be restored immediately.

b) If at all there is any dispute, it may be settled amicably making the Sikhs a party.

c) Gurdwara being a historical place, SGPC must get the gurdwara registered under its own wings, The management of the Gurdwara be placed under the Silliguri Gurdwara Management Committee, with representatives of Sikhs from Sikkim; local lamas from Thangu, Lachen and Chungthang; Sikkim Government and Army. Army should be requested to run the gurdwara on behalf of this committee till alternate arrangements are made.

d) The places connected with Guru Nanak?s visit to Sikkim should be declared as places of religious and tourist interest, and developed accordingly. This will certainly be a great source of tourism development for Sikkim in general and the area in specific, as has happened in Uttrakhand areas adjoining Hemkunt Sahib.

e) The Sikkim government and the Army authorities should relax the permission procedures to visit the area. Rather than discouraging and obstructing them,
they should assist the pilgrims to visit the area - as is being done in the case of Amarnath yatra in Kashmir.


Radhasoami, Namdari, Nirankari, Darshan Dass, Ashutoshi, Noormelais.

These are cults that have formed with the appearance of Sikhs but their agenda and beliefs ridicule the basic concepts of Sikhism. It is common knowledge that these cults are funded by the Indian government. Each one of these sects has a leader who appoints himself as an equal to a Sikh Guru. Once he has died a successor takes his place. People how have lost their faith, follow these sects as they prefer to relate to a person they can actually see and talk to. These groups and leaders tarnish Sikhism and cause conflict, due to their incorrect beliefs and teachings. Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru, gave the final guru ship to the Guru Granth Sahib. This was the last and final Guru that all Sikhs MUST follow and adhere by.

The problem these days is that people don't wish to or don't have the time or knowledge to read and understand the Guru Granth Sahib, thereby they end up following man made sects.

The Guru Granth Sahib states, that any person who calls himself/herself an equal to the Guru's or any one who follows such a person, will have no place in heaven, thus he/she will ultimately go to hell.